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Part of Beautiful Business is that I love working with and creating opportunities for others. This page is a road map for a few of the ways that can happen.

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Learn from someone that's been there.

Looking for an advisor?

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I'll be available 24/7 to help you solve important business issues and plans that are geared towards your company's success.

I only bring on a few clients, and try to build lasting relationships through this offering.
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“Girdley is always bringing the heatwith these resources. So muh value here!!”

I’m looking for advice on a deal, business, life

I’ve been struggling with the “let me get free advice from you” cold requests for some time.

I am naturally wired to want to be helpful. But I also can’t give it away for free, because, frankly, I don’t have time.

That said, some things are very important. So you can pay for my time if you’d like.
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Girdley is basically yoda. So much insight into the operations of a hold co.
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Paid speaking
Want me to speak at your event?
I do paid speaking gigs on occasion. Apparently some people think I'm pretty interesting!

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Want to start a company with me?

I'm passionate about incubating companies and
I normally do it through my Associate program. I posted some details here. I'm not currently hiring associates, but follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when I do.

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