Why a Holding Company Lifestyle?

A New Way of Wealth Building

Instead of primarily focusing on operations or allocating capital, you get to do both for big rewards in your professional and personal lives.

45% of businesses in America are owned by the Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age needing to be sold.

Now is a perfect time to shift to owning your holding company model.
Michael Girdley Online Holding Company Course
Why attend this course?

Effective and Proven HoldCo Strategy

• Select and design the most effective Holding Company structure
• Operate your HoldCo efficiently with standardized playbooks
• Strategically manage your cash flow and minimize tax liability
• Unlock secrets to grow and scale your Holding Company
• Devise the best exit plan for your HoldCo
• Avoid the mistakes others have made and turn them into valuable lessons

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What's Inside the course?

A Complete Owner's Manual For Holding Companies

Become A Better Business Buyer With This Course

Getting started is often the hardest part. I'll share how you can begin your journey if you are just getting started.
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“Girdley is always bringing the heatwith these resources. So muh value here!!”


In the HoldCo Course you'll get a complete breakdown of the standardized playbook you'll need to enact to remove the variability from your operations and maximize success.
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Girdley is basically yoda. So much insight into the operations of a hold co.

How To Find, Keep and Manage Talented Teams

To live the Hold Co lifestyle, you need to recruit all stars. You'll get a run down on how to recruit and retain top talent to keep you growing.
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“The Hold Co Course is killer. Best purhcase I made this year”

How To Manage Your Money Effectively

Everyone needs an exit plan. The course will break down exactly the way you need to be thinking about your finances and tax strategy to set yourself up for success.
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“Girdley is the biggest understated savage I know. Brilliant"
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100% recommend it for anyone looking to get into Hold Co's”

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