Learn how to find your dream business

It's no longer a buyer friendly market

If you’re an aspiring business buyer, the advice on how to find a good acquisition is out of date.

45% of businesses in America are owned by the Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age needing to be sold.

This buy a business course is laser focused on solving one problem for you: "How do I find a great business to buy?"
Why attend this business course?

You will:

• Build a thesis for the type of business that's right for you

• Learn how to stand out in a sea of buyers

• Create a working, scalable Deal Engine getting you leads

• Maximize your chances of finding great deals

What you're looking for
Where to look
Running the funnel
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What's Inside?

A guide to find your dream business

What you're looking for

Start your search with a tight thesis to find a business that's perfect for you.

- The Old Way vs the New Way
- Build your deal checklist
- Learn to stand out in a sea of buyers

After this module, you'll know exactly where you have an unfair advantage.
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Where to look

Scale your search with the Full Court Press approach.

- How to find more leads
- The ins & outs of inbound & outbound
- Know who to work with and how to work with them

After this module, you'll be ready to fill your funnel.
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Girdley is basically yoda. So much insight into the operations of a hold co.

Running the funnel

It's time rev up your deal engine and find that buried treasure.

- What to expect from your funnel
- How to run it like a pro
- Talking to brokers and sellers
- Experiments & iteration

After this module, you'll be ready to run your funnel until you find that buried treasure.
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